Saturday, June 28, 2008

Refreshing Iced Strawberry Cream Green with Tea Ice Cubes

Tea Ice Cubes*

Make your ice cubes with your favorite tea instead of water. You will have full-flavored iced tea instead of water-downed tea.

Take a little extra time to make the ice cubes a little more special. Small slices of orange, lemon, or lime added to your ice cube sections before pouring the tea in will look beautiful when frozen and will add extra flavor to your tea as the ice cube melts.

Blueberry Tea Cubes Add 2 blueberries to each section of your ice tray before pouring the tea in.

Orange Tea Cubes Zest an orange into long strips. Add a strip of orange zest to each section of your ice tray. Pour the tea in and freeze.

Strawberry Tea Cubes Add small pieces of strawberry to the sections of the ice tray before freezing.

*Reprinted by permission from The Ultimate Tea Diet by Mark "Dr.Tea" Ukra ISBN 978-0-06-144175-2. Visit

For more fun, dip the rim of your iced tea glass in water then in colored sugar for a festive touch.

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