Friday, November 20, 2009

Sipping Pumpkin Pie Classic

Enjoying a delicious cup of Pumpkin Pie Classic in a favorite tea spot of mine is a wonderful start to any day. Now that fall weather requires us to spend more time indoors, I enjoy my morning tea in my bright and cheerful sun room. This morning I'm enjoying Pumpkin Pie Classic, a black tea with nostalgic spices, cinnamon and what makes this tea especially fun, mini candy pumpkins. The intoxicating aroma almost makes you want to eat it.

It is so delightful to watch the birds busy about their early morning feeding frenzy. Bringing the geraniums indoors maintains the hope of the new spring to come. I can't wait to start new cuttings and these will be shared at a later post.

A delicious steaming cup of morning tea in my cozy sun room is a great way to chase the blustery cold days of the winter soon to come.

Do you have a favorite morning spot for tea?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Loose Tea Versus The Tea Bag

With tea becoming the ever popular drink of choice today, many continue to wonder which is the better option loose tea or the tea bag. Many tea-lovers, yours included, will definitely opt for loose tea. Loose tea literally comes in thousands of flavors from many parts of the world. It gives a better flavor because of the larger size leaf. A smaller size leaf, fannings or dust are often used in tea bags. Loose leaf enables you to be creative as you can make your own blend with spices, flavorings, herbs and so on. Brewing loose tea makes you slow down and enjoy the process as you choose your teapot, steep the tea, inhale the delightful aroma and relax.

I often hear that using loose tea can be "so messy". There are many types of infusers to choose from. I personally love the t~sac. It's like making your own customized tea bag. They come in several sizes which allows you to brew your tea in a cup or teapot. You simply fill the t~sac with tea, steep, and toss it when your tea is brewed. There is no need to strain your tea or clean tea leaves from the bottom of your teapot.

The convenience or portability of the tea bag cannot be denied. Tea bags were invented in 1908 when a tea vendor sent loose tea to his restaurant customers packaged in silk bags. They brewed the tea in the silk bags and tea bags have been with us ever since.

Tea bags have improved in their flavor offerings and style. The pyramid shape tea bag gives a greater flavor as the water is allowed to flow over the tea leaves in all directions. They contain a larger, better quality leaf. With the recent improvement of tea bags, we tea-lovers have even more choices.

Please share which you prefer, loose tea or tea bags.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tailgate Tea

Having recently read about a busy mom who decided to do a tailgate tea at her children's
numerous sporting events gave me the great idea of having a tailgate tea at the Penn State football games. My husband and I regularly attend these games and tailgating is a favorite Penn State football tradition. I was delighted to combine tea with football, a winning combination to make both my husband and me very happy.

Using a festive Penn State checkered blue and white tablecloth and a white table topper adorned with blue teapots, I set the theme for my tailgate tablescape. I also used a white teapot and blue and white teacups with blue napkins.

Freshly baked Blueberry Scones* with white clotted cream were delectable pre-game early morning fare . Yogurt Granola Parfaits and fresh, crisp, juicy apples completed my tailgate menu. Delicious Blueberry Cream Tea was the crowning touch.

Think about adding a tailgate tea to your weekend sports ritual for a pleasant addition. Using your team's colors for your theme and menu ties it together nicely. It was easy and fun and a little surprise for all the football fans.


*Recipe for Blueberry Scones found in "Teatime in Gettysburg"