Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tailgate Tea

Having recently read about a busy mom who decided to do a tailgate tea at her children's
numerous sporting events gave me the great idea of having a tailgate tea at the Penn State football games. My husband and I regularly attend these games and tailgating is a favorite Penn State football tradition. I was delighted to combine tea with football, a winning combination to make both my husband and me very happy.

Using a festive Penn State checkered blue and white tablecloth and a white table topper adorned with blue teapots, I set the theme for my tailgate tablescape. I also used a white teapot and blue and white teacups with blue napkins.

Freshly baked Blueberry Scones* with white clotted cream were delectable pre-game early morning fare . Yogurt Granola Parfaits and fresh, crisp, juicy apples completed my tailgate menu. Delicious Blueberry Cream Tea was the crowning touch.

Think about adding a tailgate tea to your weekend sports ritual for a pleasant addition. Using your team's colors for your theme and menu ties it together nicely. It was easy and fun and a little surprise for all the football fans.


*Recipe for Blueberry Scones found in "Teatime in Gettysburg"


  1. Thanks for your visit today. What a fun idea!! How did people respond to you having the tea?

  2. That looks like a lovely tailgate tea. Blueberry scones are one of my favorites. I'll have to try this next road trip.

  3. The ladies thought it was great. The men, especially those who "only drink tea when they are sick", were skeptical. However, after they tried the scones and tea, they changed their mind. I'm sure they will remember it. My husband, the avid football fan, thought I should submit it to the alumni magazine.
    Thanks so much for your comment.