Friday, August 1, 2008

How to Make a Teapot Cake

My Teapot Birthday Cake

What you will need:

1 package pound cake mix

2 mini bundt pans

Frozen purchased cookie dough or your own sugar cookie dough recipe


Pattern for handle and spout

Fresh flowers, candy decoration etc. for completed cake

Prepare cake mix according to package directions. Fill each pan 2/3 full. Tap pan to settle batter as the batter will be thick. Bake approximately 15-18 minutes or when cake feels firm to the touch, is golden brown and starts to pull away from the sides of the pan. Allow pans to sit for 5 minutes and remove cake from pans. Continue cooling on rack. When cakes are completely cooled slice off tops and reserve. Use top as lid for the teapot. Using 1 ½ “-2” biscuit cutter cut lid from reserved cake slice. With knife trace spout and handle designs on cookie dough which has been rolled in powdered sugar and gently remove to baking sheet and bake according to directions. Also, roll a small ball for the teapot lid knob. Frost the middle portion of the cake and put cakes together to form teapot. Place lid and knob on cake and frost. Carefully make a small slit in the sides of the cake to accommodate spout and handle. Attach handle and spout. Decorate in desired manner. Each cake mix makes 8 mini bundt cakes or 4 teapot cakes. If making one teapot cake, you can use remaining batter for short cake, cupcakes, mini tea bread, etc. Each cake serves approximately 2-3. A teapot cake kit is available.

Please check back for the picture of the grand finale.

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    What a great idea and easy, too!
    I must pass this along to many friends!
    Your newsletter looks great , too!

    Have a beautiful weekend! and many more summer mornings sipping tea outside!