Friday, September 11, 2009

Tea Trails

After a busy end of summer travel time, I am back to blog again. In August we were fortunate to visit Mackinac Island in Michigan and stay at the Grand Hotel. Mackinac Island (MACK-in-awe) became one of the nation's popular summer resorts during the Victorian era.

The Victorians arrived in excursion boats from Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit. To accommodate overnight guests, boat and railroad companies financed the building of the Grand Hotel. It is as special now as it was in 1887, a beautiful large wooden structure with a veranda 3 football fields long. Great attention to detail is seen everywhere in the hotel as well as the on the grounds. The flowers are amazing. The horses have a little to do with this I'm told! Restricting travel to horse drawn carriages and bicycles definitely gives a "step back in time" feel to the island.

The highlights of our stay were taking afternoon tea in the lobby and going for a ride in the Grand Hotel's VIP carriage.

It is a very special place and a tealightful summer memory...

Hotel photo courtesy of the Grand Hotel


  1. I'd love to visit Mackinac Island. The Grand Hotel tea looked lovely, especially those heart shaped scones.

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