Monday, April 14, 2008

Drink Tea With Me

Who introduced you to the "world of tea"? My tea story all began with a burgundy Hall's teapot. As a little girl I loved tea parties especially the sweets which is still true today. My mom bought the teapot and there always seemed to be an air of hushed reverence when she brought it out for tea. I hoped I wouldn't be the one to break it.

My mom is first generation American and came from a family of wonderful cooks. We would go from house to house enjoying eastern European hospitality and wonderful food. The Daffodil Cake recipe in my March newsletter is an adaptation from my Aunt Jane's recipe.

Tea in those days was from tea bags. Today I thoroughly enjoy loose tea. t~sacs make the preparation of loose tea ever so easy. It's like making your own tea bag. When you are finished, you just toss it.

My mom is 86 today and suffers from dementia. Caring for elderly parents is for another post. She still knows me and is happy to join me for a good "cuppa". I feel blessed for the opportunity to make tea for her. Please share your tea story...


  1. My good friend, Pat, introduced me to the world of tea at her beautiful tea room in Gettysburg, Civil-la-Tea. I'll always treasure memories of having tea there, and am so happy that Pat's passion is being carried on through her Web site.

  2. I stumbled luckily into being a tea lover at Civil-La-Tea in Gettysburg. As a teenager who was just looking for a summer job, I began working there for Pat who was a family friend. I knew absolutely nothing about tea and had never actually drank hot tea. This "summer job" turned into five plus years of incredible experiences. I greatly enjoyed spending my days preparing tea and serving the customers. Knowing that I had a hand in putting smiles on people's faces and creating special memories was hardly "work." I am now the proud mother of three daughters (and one son) who I am thrilled to be creating these special memories with thanks to everything I learned from Civil-La-Tea and Pat.

  3. Hello Pat,
    I've found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
    My tea affection came from my mother. She is a "no caffeine" person and that opened the doors to become very creative in the 70's and make your own tea.
    So wonderful.
    With my first paycheck I bought a beautiful teapot that I had had my eye on for months.
    That was so many years ago, and I still have it!

  4. I have that same very lovely burgundy Hall teapot. My parents were both coffee drinkers, but somehow I started drinking tea at an early age. At that time my tea came in teabags. Loose tea is something I've only been enjoying for the last few years. I've been wanting to try those t-sacs. Usually I use one of those Swiss Gold baskets.