Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Keep Your Pot of Tea Hot

Over The Top Tea Cozy

Are you looking for a solution to keeping your tea hot while you enjoy your "tea time"?  First, be sure to warm your teapot before brewing.  Fill your teapot with boiling water for a few minutes before use.  Discard this water before brewing your tea.

After you finish brewing your tea, top with a tea cozy.  The tea cozy  provides one solution that at the same time enhances the beauty and interest of "tea time". 

                                          Hug-A-Pot Tea Cozy                           

There are several types of tea cozies. Two of the most popular are over the top and hug-a-pot cozies.  The first is placed over the teapot after brewing.  Brewing your tea with the tea cozy on is not recommended.  It causes the tea to become over brewed and become bitter.  The tea cozy is removed when the tea is poured.  Hug-a-pot cozies are tied onto the teapot after the tea is brewed.  There is no need for removal when the tea is poured.

Gold Colored Metal Tea Warmer

Tea warmers are another solution.  A tea light candle is placed in the tea warmer and the teapot sits on top.  Tea warmers are available in many shapes, sizes and materials.
Using a tea cozy or tea warmer can enhance your "tea time" and enables you to savor the warmth, beauty, and serenity that happens during those moments we linger over a pot of  tea...a refreshing, replenishing, respite beneficial to our well-being.
Do you use a tea cozy or a tea warmer to keep your pot of tea hot?

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